Telephone Triage

Clinical staff is available to discuss problems and concerns you have regarding your child during regular office hours. They have been instructed in specific information to give about common pediatric illnesses and will consult with a physician prior to giving advice if there is an unusual problem. We have found it difficult for physicians to receive telephone calls and maintain an appointment schedule without creating long waits for patients in the office. Some problems cannot be evaluated over the telephone and you will be instructed to schedule an appointment. Additionally, if you remain concerned after receiving advice from our clinical staff, call and arrange for a physician to see your child.

Whenever possible, we ask that calls requesting medical advice be made when the office is open and our staff has access to your child’s medical records. If an urgent problem arises and you cannot wait for the office to open, you may call our answering service. A nurse from the call center at PRN will contact you and offer medical advice that has been approved by our physicians. They can contact our on-call physician whenever the need arises. Greensboro Pediatricians is charged for this service, but currently does not pass that charge along to you.  We ask that you utilize this service for serious concerns.